Chrisna Zitnyar

Creative Director + Brand Strategist + Marketing Director + Film/TV Producer



about me

I'm Chrisna C. Zitnyar. I'm not just your average working professional—I proudly embrace the title of "The Professional Encourager", 

I'm a passionate visionary fueled by the synergy of design and storytelling. My superpower is crafting creative multichannel campaigns that harness the full potential of your brand with my creative strategies. 

My ultimate mission? To infuse every creation with deep meaning and purpose, making your brand stand out like a star!


my work

As a seasoned Brand Strategist, Creative Director, Marketing Director, and Video Producer, my magic touch elevates brands to new heights, increasing conversion by 355% 🚀🌟 Let's team up and make your brand the talk of the town. Take a look at my portfolio work!

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