Branded Outreach Campaign

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In partnership with Boise State University, a powerful branded outreach campaign was developed to increase brand awareness and lead generation for a local roofing franchisee. The campaign centered around a roof giveaway contest, supported by the Owens Corning signature veterans program.

Boise State University played a key role in driving the social media strategy, while the roofing company provided campaign strategy, creative direction, visuals, roofing labor. The contest winner was celebrated in a special half-time show during a Boise State basketball game, garnering media coverage and generating excitement.

To showcase the impact of the roofing company's support, a compelling brand video was produced. This video shared the veteran's inspiring story and highlighted how the roofing franchiswe provided a new roof during a critical time for his family.

Through this comprehensive campaign, brand awareness was amplified, and 44% lead conversion and value increase of 355%. The collaboration between Boise State University, the roofing company, and the contest winner resulted in a powerful narrative that resonated with the community. The campaign successfully showcased the values of the roofing franchise and the positive impact they make in the lives of deserving veterans.


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