The Salvation Army Kroc Experience

Services Provided: Brand DNA Strategy, Art Direction, Tone of Voice, Slogan & Website

Challenge: To define a brand DNA strategy and forge a distinct brand identity for the Salvation Army Kroc Center. Their mission was firmly anchored in Joan Kroc's vision of these centers as secure havens for communities in need.

Idea: The Kroc Center was a newly constructed facility, it was recognized that a brand refresh was crucial. The idea was to craft a strategic brand identity that would not only resonate with the community but also stimulate an influx of new memberships.

Result: The outcome of the brand refresh was the creation of a new website, collateral, magazine, and bilboard for the Kroc Center, all featuring a clean, modern look that encapsulated the "Kroc Experience". The Kroc Experience distilled the center's essence into four key themes: family, hope, community, and faith.

The new branding employed a color palette in alignment with the broader Salvation Army branding, ensuring visual consistency and recognition. Moreover, within this "experience", diversity was visually expressed through imagery that reflected the variety of families served by the Kroc Center, as well as their faith. This updated brand identity successfully captured the center's mission and resonated with its community, promoting engagement and fostering new memberships.


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