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Services Provided: Campaign DNA, Creative Direction, Tone of Voice, Art Direction & TVC Series; Scenario & Direction
Challenge: Mighty Dog Roofing faced a brand dilution crisis in the hyper-competitive Houston territories, due to off-brand messaging from franchisees. Coupled with the suspension of Google Business Profiles impacting our digital visibility, the challenge lies in reinvigorating and harmonizing our brand identity to stand out in the marketplace.
Idea: Initiate a unifying "Be Your Home's Best Friend" campaign. A campaign to rally our franchisees around a singular, engaging narrative that underscores our role as the homeowners' "best friend". Through SEO-optimized content, social media engagement, targeted ads, and local community outreach, we'll highlight our reliability and proficiency. In a densely competitive market, this approach will fortify our unique brand identity and position Mighty Dog Roofing as the top pick for customers, helping us stand out amidst the competition.
Result: Implemented our "Be Your Home's Best Friend" campaign, which led to bright, engaging commercials during prime time slots, effectively boosting Mighty Dog Roofing's brand recognition. Targeted at female homeowners, these ads established Mighty Dog Roofing as a reliable home companion, enhancing our brand visibility in the fiercely competitive Houston territories.

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