Eat Play Stay

Services Provided: Campaign DNA, Creative Direction, CTV Series; Scenario, Direction and Post-Production

Challenge: To conceive and develop engaging, original content that captivates our diverse audience while aligning with VeryLocal's brand ethos.

Idea: To generate active user engagement and foster a loyal viewer community around a new show. Ultimately, the show would serve as a beacon, drawing more users to the Very Local Streaming App, and cementing Very Local's status as a leader in unique local content.

Result: "Eat Play Stay" brilliantly captured weekend getaways, enticing viewers with the best local places to eat, stay, and explore. With narrative-driven episodes featuring engaging interviews and captivating visuals, the show provided a nearby vacation experience that resonated deeply with viewers. This unique approach strengthened the Very Local Streaming App's reputation for distinctive, local content, enhancing user engagement and brand loyalty.


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